Reduce time-consuming file processes

Offload mundane and tedious file transfer or file processing jobs from employees and aging systems.

Automate and easily schedule file synchronizations between various repositories including: FTP, SFTP, HTTP, Amazon S3, Azure, Thru servers and custom file repositories. Reduce human errors with custom filters to act on events using file and folder patterns. Easily automate file transformations including compression and conversion into various formats

Simple to set up and simple to set in action

With OptiFLOW, easily create your own custom workflows with templates and tools. No coding required.

Create and customize workflows by easily designing a workflow. Just add source, targets, actions, schedule to automate your work. With OptiFLOW easily use templates to set up and customize your action, email messages or notifications and alerts. Easily integrate with business apps via template-based web service calls that share the file data and metadata.


Automate reporting and audits

Take the guesswork out of reporting by automating it and take better control of any blockers by acting on it quickly.

Automate status check by sending reports and alerts to users on deliveries and failures with not just template-based emails, but also SMS. Automate reports and notifications to external automation systems on deliveries and failures via web service calls. Easily do the analysis of the actions or better manage any bottlenecks with the activity stream. 


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